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Welcome to KENOVA

Whether you need strategic guidance to launch a new business venture or seek to partner with software development professionals to automate operations for growth, or build the next killer app, KENOVA provides a unique blend of software development and business services for entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses.

Unlike traditional software developers that focus only on IT operations, KENOVA offers a depth and vision of business expertise to look over your business concept / idea to facilitate, connect and craft software technologies in perfect harmony with marketing and sales strategies.

KENOVA employs customized and forward-thinking methodologies to address your needs and help your business vision come to life.

Meeting Your Needs

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Harmonizing Technology Development with Business Needs


Software Development

Products KENOVA’s roots emanate from developing business software solutions to generate new or expand existing revenue for established businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. With 25+ years of software development and flawless project management, our team can help you increase speed to market and revenue generation, provide improved technologies to drive stalled initiatives or develop fresh approaches to bring web-desktop, tablet and phone apps to market.

KENOVA uses a well-practiced strategic vision, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and exclusive tools like Syncromatic ® to:

  • Reduce development costs
  • Increase speed to market
  • Mitigate business risk
  • Eliminate waste (throwaway code)
  • Provide peace of mind

Additionally, KENOVA offers small to mid-sized business flexibility and targeted support by providing 'Fractional CTO' services that can manage and provide all the services of an in-house IT team.

Business Strategies

Products What makes KENOVA unique is our ability to harmonize business strategies and IT initiatives to help guide the launch of new products, services or to generate new revenue opportunities. We do this through the use of a proprietary One Page Business Hypothesis (OPBH) strategy for analyzing, defining and maximizing the viable revenue potential of an idea or business concept. OPBH enables you to define or redefine your business or concept in a clear, concise and structured way – literally on one page - and provides an effective foundation to convey your idea to prospective stakeholders, investors, business teams, etc.

Additionally, KENOVA offers small to mid-sized businesses flexibility and customization via our exclusive toolbox of customized approaches that includes:

'Early Revenue Strategy' that enables opportunities to increase generation of revenue to reinvest in your business and / or demonstrate viability to investors.

'Anchor Investor' partnering in your enterprise that embeds us as an integral part of the business - by investing in it - so you can be sure your technology and business strategies are aligned and working in harmony.

Unlock your market, KENOVA is your key

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8 out of 10 projects fail due to bad management
We are here to deliver 100% successful implementations

Starting Up

KENOVA’s roots emanate from developing business software solutions to generate new or expand existing revenue for established businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. With 25+ years of software development and flawless project management, our team can help you increase speed to market and revenue generation, provide improved technologies to drive stalled initiatives or develop fresh approaches to bring web, tablet and phone apps to market.

Our ‘Startup’ Strategy

We've been working with startups since the '90s, across many different industries developing business specific technology to get them off the ground and by serving as their trusted IT partner.

Our Business ‘Growth’ Model

We designed this for both startups and established business to help realize successful penetration into new markets. You compensate us with equity and some cash or just cash if you prefer.... either way we’re here to accelerate your vision!

Clients & Partners

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We are thankful to be working with today's brilliant minds

Achieved Recognition

Join us in building the next technology innovation - a Reality

They Said

We strive to deliver quality solutions again & again. We love what we do.
What inspires us? Simple, It's the appreciation we get with every implementation.

Patricia Buxton Dakides - CEO

weQwest, LLC

Kenova Technologies has proven to be all they promised, and I am so thankful to have been introduced to them. My... our web business is light years ahead of where it was one year ago, and the Kenova Team has turned out to be a dream team. They've taken all the hard work out of the business for me, and I'm confident of a great outcome as we continue to build and grow.

James Kessler, Founder / CEO.


I was initially against KENOVA's one page business hypothesis as I already had a full 25 page plan written with financials and everything. So to me the OPBH seemed like a waste of time. That 25 page plan is not nearly as powerful as what KENOVA put on 1 single page! KENOVA really made me take a step back and focus on the fundamentals of starting a business.

Kaylee Colon - Product Manager

weQwest, LLC

The online industry of websites, programming, and ecommerce was very much an uncharted and unfamiliar territory for my partner and I when we first joined up with KENOVA Technology. We had no prior knowledge of how to create a usable website and as we tried to research on our own, the terminology of this industry sent us into further confusion than ever before.

Myra Box

MotoAdvisor, Inc.

I'm very impressed with KENOVA's processes and their collaborative project management tool Syncromatic. They achieved in 2 months what our previous developer couldn't do in 2 years!

Gregg A. Lichtenstein,President

Collaborative Strategies, LLC

I highly recommend KENOVA Technologies. Our experience with them was quite favorable. Their project management methodology insured that we knew where we were, what needed to be done and how much it was going to cost. They were a pleasure to work with.

Doug Walz

Get My Talk, LLC

As someone currently working with James and his KENOVA Tech. team, I can vouch for their ability on coaching the Startup on how to "get real" about the business of fine tuning the idea (productizing) into a plan that is ready for development and funding.

Kim Lane - Founder

Inspired Schools Solutions, Inc.

I'm thoroughly enjoying my experience as a KENOVA client. James and his team have brought a brand of creative insight (productization) to my project that has definitely simplified the development process and made it far less stressful, even fun.

Stan Cohen, Founder


We are now working on revenue streams and I can see that by the time we are done I will be ready for a Shark Tank experience. From watching that show, I know what James is putting me through is what the majority of those who go on that show have never done.

Ed Farris

Consulting, Marketing, Branding

KENOVA's One Page Business Hypothesis: It’s a very well thought out process that provides the discipline and structure that small businesses and startups need to guide strategic planning. And best of all, it’s just one page.

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Shoestring advice for Technology Startups to make them grow

Published on April 23, 2013 News Image

Wireframe or Not Wireframe?

The idea of a wireframe is to quickly and cheaply create something that represents some software to be built. The principle is that software takes time and highly skilled resources to create something, so if that something is wrong, then time and money has been wasted.

Published on March 18, 2013 News Image

Startup and Their Statistics

I thought it might be useful and interesting to establish a blog post that tracks and reports on general statistics relating to startups. Thus, this blog post will be a living post with statistics as we come across them.

Published on March 15, 2013 News Image

Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

I attended NJ Tech Meetup and the evening’s speaker was David Kiddler. He was discussing his new book “The Startup Playbook”, which consists largely of interviews with many of today’s most successful entrepreneurs.


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