Feb 12

Valentine’s Day Could Be The Startups Most Important Day of The Year

As a startup you have the unenviable distinction of having to be the master of all the “trades” required to build a startup. And unless you’ve built a startup before or you have a mentor or coach, you’re probably running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to do everything yourself at once. In addition, a large portion of your money is being invested in the startup.

What this all adds up to is neglect. Neglect of your social life, neglect of your family, neglect of your friends and neglect of your nearest and dearest; your husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. So Valentine’s Day is a great wakeup call to redeem yourself for your past transgressions. The good news is your redemption fits nicely into your budget.

As necessity is the mother of invention, lack of money is the creator of romance (I made up the last piece). Sure, any woman would like diamonds for Valentine’s Day, but what I’ve found is that a handmade card containing words from the heart is more valuable and helps a relation last longer than any diamond.

I learned this a number of years ago when my wife lost the diamond from her engagement ring. Although she wasn’t happy about it, I recall how much more upset she was when the ring I actually proposed with finally fell apart. You see, the ring I proposed with was one I made from leather. At the time I was still making layaway payments on the diamond ring I chose for her (by “chose” I mean the only ring with a diamond I could afford), so it wasn’t available to me on the date I wanted to propose, creating a need for the handmade version.

I’ve noticed when things are good and money is not an issue and I buy cards, flowers, and expensive chocolates, I don’t get anywhere near the response as I do when I make a card and share my own words. With my daughters it’s the same thing, even though they’re all under thirteen.

So if you’re a startup, a male and stressing about what you’re going to do for Valentine’s Day for your partner (partner in life that is), make a heartfelt card and get a takeout. Or even better, cook something yourself. If you’re a startup and a woman it’s even easier-takeout and a six pack (although a handmade card is still appreciated).

Remember this is a day to show your love, not waste your money.

(Disclaimer: My apologies to all the restaurants, jewelry and card stores, but this is a blog for technology startups and surviving on a shoestring budget.)

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